Welcome! My name is Gabie Reiter.

I am a Certified Naturopath, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master Healer.

MY NEW OFFICE is at 1725 Woodside Rd, Unit D,  Redwood City CA 94061

Next to S’Batians Coffee.

The fastest way to reach me is calling/texting at 650-315-3501.


I combine my expertise in nutrition and natural remedies with my ability to assess what is going on with your body and health by looking at your energy field.

aid58680-728px-Develop-Psychic-Abilities-Step-8Often people come to me saying:” my doctor says I’m fine, why do I feel so bad?” That’s why: the reasons for not feeling well is first showing up in your energy field often weeks, or even months or years before it shows up in a blood test.

Mullein-5526413-300x225First, I restore the natural flow of your energy field, so your body is back to healing self effectively. Then, I recommend specific natural remedies you can find at a health food store or on-line to accelerate the healing.


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