Glowing Reviews of Naturopathy Clients

Marilyn H.

Marilyn H.

In 2005, I was introduced to Gabie by my daughter-in-law with the encouragement to call and set up an appointment. I had ongoing fatigue, psoriasis, cloudy thinking, depression, nervousness and just a feeling of being overwhelmed.

My first session was amazing and set me on a new course of health. Gabie tested me to see how my body was responding to the many supplements I was taking and how they benefited me. It showed that my body was not absorbing them for a variety of reasons, which made sense to me, because I was not feeling up to par in spite of my efforts to be healthy.

Along with her remarkable knowledge of the physical body, Gabie also works with the subtle energy body. I was greatly encouraged that she had the ability to check on and remove energy blocks that were hindering me from totally healing.

As the years have passed,

Gabie has helped my whole family with any issues they might be having on all levels. Gabie brings dedication, persistence and consistency to her work with the desire to help others. She is easy to work with and has a very loving, compassionate heart.

I am grateful for the time and money I have saved because I feel better.

I can truly say that everything we have discovered about ourselves through Gabie Reiter’s work has been priceless, and I will continue to see her as long as I can.

Melanie F.

Melanie F.

Before I met Gabie, I was allergic to almost everything I ate. My nervous system was very hypersensitive, and I reacted to food, air, chemicals, etc. to such a high degree that I got frequent sinus infections and was so debilitated. I couldn’t get out of bed at times. I was wired, depressed, tired, weak, anxious, and very frightened. I didn’t understand what was happening and how to fix it.

These problems affected every moment of my life. I was concerned and worried constantly. I felt sick all the time. I didn’t have a social life, because I was not able to feel good and enjoy my life. I felt I had lost myself and the strength that was an important part of who I was.

Our first contact was on the phone.

Gabie offered to begin working on me energetically right away. I was at the gym exhausted and walking up to the elliptical machine dreading it because I wasn’t feeling well. All of a sudden I felt the energy. I instantly felt more awake, alive, brighter, stronger, happier and other feelings I can’t describe in words. I knew I had found what was going to save me.

It has been a long continuous journey of repair and strengthening my body.

Every day, I got better, but I was hypersensitive, so it took quite some time for me to become very strong, resilient, and less sensitive. I still work with Gabie today because my path is to continue to evolve and get better in every way.