Welcome! My name is Gabie Reiter.

I am a Certified Naturopath and Medical Intuitive 

I’m happy to have my office back in Redwood City

1472 Oddstad Dr, Suite 111

Redwood City CA 94063


Also, check out my MEETUP Classes: Body Wisdom for Health Solutions!

The fastest way to reach me is calling/texting at 650-315-3501.


I combine my expertise in nutrition and natural remedies with my ability to assess what is going on with your body by looking at your energy field.

aid58680-728px-Develop-Psychic-Abilities-Step-8Often people come to me saying, “my doctor says I’m fine, why do I feel so bad?” That’s why: the reasons for not feeling well is first showing up in your energy field often weeks, or even months or years before it shows up in a blood test.

Mullein-5526413-300x225First, I restore the natural flow of your energy, so your body is back to healing itself effectively. Then, I recommend specific natural remedies you can find at a health food store or on-line to accelerate the healing.


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