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gabie_2178_web_72dpiWho is Gabie Reiter?

Gabie Reiter is a certified naturopath and medical intuitive. She was born and raised in Switzerland where she worked as a licensed physical therapist for five years.

When she moved to the United States in 1990, she was drawn to energy healing and learned Reiki and Quantum Touch, which helped refine her intuitive perception of the body. In order to educate and empower people with achieving and maintaining optimal health, in 2002, she became certified as a naturopath from Clayton College, Birmingham, Alabama. 

She skillfully blends her knowledge of nutrition with assessing the energy field of the body, applying her gifts of energy healing and matching the deficiencies with natural remedies. She has guided many clients to vibrant health and joyful vitality. You can be one of them! Gabie Reiter does not diagnose nor treat any disease. Sessions with her do not replace supervision by a medical doctor.

You can find her on DaoCloud, a social wellness network : daocloud.com/pro/gabie-reiter



Or call 650-315-3501

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