Why People Don’t Heal

Why People Don’t Heal…

  • Lack of life purpose, draining relationships, negative thinking often caused by negative media like bad news, violence, horror movies, etc, lack of sleep, junk food, lack of exercise, disconnection from nature, pharmaceutical and other drug addictions.
  • Energy field blockage by the uptake of other people’s emotions or cords — my solution: learn my energy clearing exercises.
  • Hidden food allergies: most food allergies are IgG mediated, and conventional medicine doesn’t test for these — my solution: identify such allergies, eliminate food for a while, strengthen the weak organs that lead to allergies: dysfunctional immune system, low thyroid, exhausted adrenals.
  • Toxic chemicals in crucial organ systems — my solution: a combination of homeopathics, herbs, and amino acids.
  • Hidden pathogens in your body that weaken your immune system or other systems- – my solution: herbs, homeopathics, aromatherapy.
  • Geopathic distress caused by a magnetic anomaly in the earth crust; important to be adressed at home and work, or wherever you spend most of your time — my solution: every day feel in your heart gratitude and appreciation for Mother Earth or Nature for its beauty. It works! I discovered this by blessed accident.
  • Unresolved issues from your past — my solution: An energy exercise to cancel the negative effect on your body system and facilitate the processing of emotions.
  • Too much animal-based foods, lack of whole, unprocessed plant-based foods — my solution: designing a diet that is most healing or disease-preventive for you.

All these issues get addressed in your first session to put you on a fast track to improved health.

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