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Save with Well-Being Plans

 1 Power tune-up  


Power Booster Plan

5 power tune-ups


12-Month Rejuvenation Plan

12 power tune-ups (1/month)

$ 480

 1-Hour Consultation*

1 hour 


Initial Consultation*

2 hours


2-Hour Discount Plan*

2 hours


Family Discount Plan*

4 hours


* The time you purchase can also be used for a discounted power-tune-up. 1 power tune-up is 15 minutes.

Still happening: when you have a session with me at least 1/year  or you bought a plan of any kind you get a complimentary birthday power tune-up!

Power Tune-Ups are Monday through Friday!

Simply call 650-315-3501 and mention ONE ISSUE you want me to focus on

In case of urgency during the weekend, please text me. 

In case of emergency, call 911!

How it works:

  1. You leave me a voice mail with one major issue of yours or a loved one or friend to focus on
  2. I do a power tune-up remotely tuning into  you through your voice
  3. I send you email report within about 24 hours, during the weekend within 2-3 days. It’ll say what I found and what to do about it like supplement recommendations
  4. I’ll let you know if a consultation is needed in case there are more underlying issues present

What you get from a Power Tune-Up:

You feel centered, calm and on a healing track regarding your issue.

  • Your soul essence grounded in your body
  • Clear of other people’s negative emotions or cords
  • Clear of mother/father/sibling wound*
  • Removal of pollutants and toxins
  • Chakras are adjusted, aligned and energized
  • Recommendation of magnetic item(s) to reduce stress
  • Assessment of your Exhilaration Factor**
  • Power alignment and fine-tuning of chakras and all the functions of your body

*About father, mother or sibling wound: as you grow up everybody develops a mother, father, sometimes also a sibling wound because nobody can fulfill your needs completely. This contributes to building your strength of character as you learn to take care of yourself. Throughout your adult life, people and events can trigger your wound, and it causes an energy block. It may make you vulnerable to dis-ease. I align you, so the block caused by the wound is removed. You are back in balance and your inner healing is back on track.

** Sometimes things in people’s lives keep on bothering them; there is an inner resistance or inner (or out-loud) complaining to what is. You might have repetitive annoyed or worried thoughts and feelings about people, or situations, or work, or finances, or health. If this is the case your Exhilaration Factor (EF) is in the negative range. It weighs as an energy block on your body and can cause problems. If this is the case I identify it and help you turn it around, so the block is dissolved and your inner healing is restored. What’s nice is, that once I showed you how to shift the Exhilaration Factor, you can do it by yourself.

Payment options:

  • Checks: Please send to my home address, Gabie Reiter, 713 Golden Oak Dr., Unit 5, Sunnyvale CA 94086
  • Credit cards: I send you a paypal invoice.  Thank you!

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